I’ve always been one of those people who want to share cool stuff I’ve found, and there’s a ton of it that swirls thru my head all the time.

A few years back I thought, there must be a way to build a website so I can share with people stuff that I get excited about.

I ran across the video blog Crash Test Kitchen, and the lightbulb went off in my head. I can do this.

So I put the video camera in my friend Bill’s hand, and told him we were going to make a cooking show. We made puttanesca, and it was a blast. GardenFork was born.

GardenFork is this eclectic mix of DIY, Cooking, Gardening, Home Improvement, and whatever cool stuff I think might be fun to share with people.

I got an email recently that sums it up:

“I have never been interested in gardening, cooking, or home repair. But when a friend showed me your show for the first time, I was won over by your humor and trial-and-error way of making a DIY show. Now, I wait excitedly for the next video show or audio podcast. It is the most entertaining thing I watch, either on iTunes, or general television. You present a wealth of knowledge and I love finding out new things I didn’t know before.”

How cool is that? ‘Down to earth’ and ‘eclectic’ sum up most of the iTunes Reviews and emails I get from viewers.


Eric and Henry

“How did you learn all this stuff, did you take a class?”

I get this question all the time. No, no class; just learned by doing. Making lots of mistakes on the way.

My grandfather was a building superintendent in the South Bronx. My family has always been a DIY family, we never hired someone to fix something, we did it ourselves. It didn’t always work perfectly, but we didn’t have the money to hire repair people. In grade school my father’s job was transferred to Wisconsin, where I learned about hunting, fishing, camping, and tree felling.

My family has a love for home cooked food, both my parents cook, and I started cooking at an early age.

Eric and the Ford Fiesta, part of a Gardenfork - Ford marketing campaign

Eric and the Ford Fiesta Ford gave us to use on the show

GardenFork is one of the top food shows on iTunes

I produce and host GardenFork.TV and GardenFork Radio, and Real World Green.

GardenFork.TV is the original web video show about cooking, DIY, gardening, Home Improvement and other fun stuff. Each week we make a video and post it on our site, our iTunes page, and our YouTube channel.

Gardenfork Radio is a weekly audio podcast available on our site and on iTunes.  I started GardenFork Radio to talk about all the neat stuff that doesn’t make it into a GardenFork video show.

Real World Green is a web video show about how we as individuals can reduce our impact on the earth in practical, down-to-earth ways. I started Real World Green as an answer to all the touchy-feely green content out there that turns off the average guy who lives in the Midwest. Practical is the key word here, and I think if you don’t lecture people, but show them how they can be greener and more than likely save money, they will listen. A viewer sums it up:

“I continually consume information about global warming, greenhouse gases and all the other buzzword-compliant environmental topics but hardly any of them tell me what I can do now – today – to really make a difference without my having to do my own research. Real World Green does that”

Ford Escape Hyrbrid we’ve driven, provided by Ford Motor

Eric guest hosting Martha Stewart Radio on Siruis XM

I’m all about the learn by doing method of life, I don’t know how to do a lot of stuff, but I try anyway. Many times I make a GardenFork video about it while I stumble through something.

During the week I work as a contractor in New York City, and on the weekend, we shoot GardenFork at our little house up in Northwest Connecticut, which I’m renovating on the 10 year plan.

A brownstone interior we painted

There  you go. A brief rundown of what this is all about. Contact me with any questions.   [email protected]

Thanks, eric.