Arduino Controllers, Pinball, & Burritos GF Radio

Mike and Eric talk about how to use arduino controllers in pinball and beehives, how easy it is  to use them and program them. Repairing a shower mixing valve without cutting a  hole in the wall, be sure to turn off the water before you replace the mixing valve cartridge. Eric did put in a new shower mixing valve at his parents house,  the video will be posted soon. Mike talks about being overwhelmed with success of a bootstrapped pinball project, and how what was once great is now a ball and chain. Eric tells of how one of his beehives swarmed and what he did to try to capture the beehive swarm. Lacking a tall ladder to retrieve the swarm  cluster, swarm traps are brought out. Did it work? listen and learn.



photo by ppdigital

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  1. says

    Sorry I missed the taping. But yes, I do go to bed early when I need to be in the greenhouse by 5 am. Otherwise, I’m laboring in the heat under plastic during the part of the day. A bonus of being there so early is that I can handpick the tomato worms and slugs that are still out at daylight.

    Weighing hives. There may be more market than you thought for the electronic system, Mike.

    I’m a “citizen scientist” in the NASA Honey Bee Net project.

    I’ve got my big hive on an old farm grain store scale. I submit an xls spreadsheet logging the weight.

    Satellite images show, but the bees data confirms, that “spring” has been advancing about 6 hours per year for the last decade. This has a lot of implications for migrating animals that arrive “late” for the bloom and are dependent on a particular species to survive. This also works the other way, plants are blooming earlier than bugs are hatching out to pollenate them.

    Timing is everything.


  2. DrFood says

    Remember that swarming is the action of a happy and confident hive, so look on the bright side– your bees are happy and confident! It is basically how they do the “be fruitful and multiply” thing.

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