Arduino Controllers, Pinball, & Burritos GF Radio

| July 17, 2012 | 3 Comments
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Mike and Eric talk about how to use arduino controllers in pinball and beehives, how easy it is  to use them and program them. Repairing a shower mixing valve without cutting a  hole in the wall, be sure to turn off the water before you replace the mixing valve cartridge. Eric did put in a new shower mixing valve at his parents house,  the video will be posted soon. Mike talks about being overwhelmed with success of a bootstrapped pinball project, and how what was once great is now a ball and chain. Eric tells of how one of his beehives swarmed and what he did to try to capture the beehive swarm. Lacking a tall ladder to retrieve the swarm  cluster, swarm traps are brought out. Did it work? listen and learn.



photo by ppdigital

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  1. @rhkennerly says:

    Sorry I missed the taping. But yes, I do go to bed early when I need to be in the greenhouse by 5 am. Otherwise, I’m laboring in the heat under plastic during the part of the day. A bonus of being there so early is that I can handpick the tomato worms and slugs that are still out at daylight.

    Weighing hives. There may be more market than you thought for the electronic system, Mike.

    I’m a “citizen scientist” in the NASA Honey Bee Net project.

    I’ve got my big hive on an old farm grain store scale. I submit an xls spreadsheet logging the weight.

    Satellite images show, but the bees data confirms, that “spring” has been advancing about 6 hours per year for the last decade. This has a lot of implications for migrating animals that arrive “late” for the bloom and are dependent on a particular species to survive. This also works the other way, plants are blooming earlier than bugs are hatching out to pollenate them.

    Timing is everything.


  2. @rhkennerly says:

    Oh, data logging with CSV output would be great!

  3. DrFood says:

    Remember that swarming is the action of a happy and confident hive, so look on the bright side– your bees are happy and confident! It is basically how they do the “be fruitful and multiply” thing.

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