Big Green Egg Table Plans

| April 26, 2014 | 2 Comments
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Big Green Egg Table Plans using 2x4s and a few pieces of marble and a set of caster wheels. Build the table frame, add some legs, build the top, cut a hole, and you’re done. My neighbor built this Egg table and I wanted to share it with you.


Super simple table plan here. The table is finished with outdoor polyurethane, don’t be tempted to use indoor poly, it will peel very quickly, you want a finish that is UV proof, and water proof.


I like the simple use of some scrap marble to insulate the Big Green Egg from the stand. This allows easy access to the lower vent of the egg.


Some spare casters allow you to wheel the Egg table out of the way , or into the garage for winter storage. Be sure to use heavy duty casters, as the cooker is heavy.


Nice huh? I’m all about about simple and these Big Green Egg table plans are just that, easy DIY plans using inexpensive 2×4 lumber. I estimate this table cost about $40-60 to make if you already have some wheels in your shop. Or ask one of your neighbors if they have some spare casters, its a good chance one of them does.

Cooker tip here, my neighbor tells me to buy the best quality chunk charcoal you can. The cheap chunk charcoal is not great for the Green Egg, it has a lot of small pieces and dust, not good for this cooker.

How to you use your Big Green Egg? I’ve seen a few DIY table plans, but this one is my favorite for its simplicity and ease of use and easy to build. Let me know your thoughts below:

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  1. Bruce says:

    Hi Eric,

    Here’s a web site that has lump charcoal info:

    I’ve tried many different types of lump and regular charcoal. It’s way too costly to get lump where I live because to get the quality lump charcoal I’d have to have it shipped which costs more than the charcoal. I haven’t heard that cheaper charcoal would harm the cooker. You’ll fine lots of info on ceramic cookers on utube.

    Happy grilling and smoking!


  2. christopher sorel says:

    Love my BGE and made a similar table but about to make a new one. Looking for larger top section that can handle a 18 inch brisket with spare room.

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