Build a Raider-Proof worm composting bin from a food grade barrel video

Here’s a quick how-to on building a pretty great worm composting bin.

Eric Note:

Need Worm Composter Plans? Great worm composting bin video here! I like how Rick show us how to build a simple worm composter that can handle a large amount of food waste, and what’s not to like about Rick’s calm sensibility and sense of humor? I have a few barrels like this, and one of the will now become a food composter based on Rick’s worm composting bin plans laid out in the video.

What made me blink was when Rick was talking on GF Radio about how to make a worm composter ( listen here ) , and I couldn’t quite visualize what he was describing, then he made this video and the lightbulb went off in my head.

The photo in this video of all the worm compost he has made from his family’s kitchen scraps is wow. Rick was saying that between recycling and worm composting, he has little to put in his regular trash cans. A zero waste house is possible here.

For me, worm composting always meant a plastic tub with a lid on it, and it was in your kitchen or garage, and it kinda worked. With Rick’s worm composter plans shown in the video, it now makes sense how you can compost your way to zero waste.

A few key points i took away from this was the importance of drainage and air flow, and the brilliant simplicity of Rick’s design. Look on craigslist for food grade barrels, look online for composting worms, aka red wigglers.

Have you built a worm composter, or bought one? What have your learned about using one? What works best for  you? let us know below:

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  1. says

    Peter, thanks my friend.

    Believe it or not, I’ve been to Adelaide a few times, the Napa Valley of Australia, lovely region. I was in and out of Woomera a lot early in my Navy days. I was actually stationed downrange over in Christchurch, but we made frequent trips to Woomera to work on equipment.

    Not much entertainment up on the high desert for young troops, so we’d always head for Adelaide for a few days, when we could. Lovely folks. Wish now I’d done more than young folk things, I’m sure I missed a lot.

    Most of my inspiration in aquaponics comes from Australians, you guys are decades ahead of us in the field.

    Thanks for watching. I’m fond of my production crew, but that Executive Producer would fire me in a minute.

  2. Leslie says

    Rick, I haven’t had much success with worm composting in plastic tubs. My worms don’t consume near the amount of kitchen scraps that various sites/books state they will. I am interested in your design but can’t find any of your videos (podcasts, written articles only). I do understand that there isn’t a video for emptying the composter. Can you provide link(s) for other worm composter videos you’ve created?
    Thank you!

  3. Leslie says

    Perhaps I found it googling on YouTube instead pf searching gardenfork. do you have two Norwich Terriers?

  4. says

    Hi, Leslie. Terriers, yes. But Cairn not Norwich (which are darling, BTW). Little rescues that nobody wanted. With the housing and economic downturn, we had a bunch come in when people lost their houses. All the rescue groups had the same problem.

  5. says

    L: Worm composting is not always trouble free. Sounds like you may have overloaded your worms…or had too few worms for the amount of food you compost. Since my composter is outside, if I overload the composter it doesn’t matter too much. Just keep the food covered and it will compost itself. Inside, of course, that’s a different matter. When you’re vermicomposting inside, you’ve got to carefully balance food with worms. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: worms don’t eat much of the actual food. For the most part they eat the bacteria and fungi that break down the food. So the fastest way to kill your worms is to starve them by putting them in with food that hasn’t started to decompose. We have so much household waste for the composter that I run three composters here.

    All the videos are on Gardenfork site. Just put “worms” into the search bar. There is no video about emptying the bin, but there is an article. Pretty much its: lay it on it’s side and dig it out with a hoe, sorting into “worm” and “compost” buckets.

    As always, thanks for participating in GFR and if you have more questions, be sure to ask. Rick


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