Build a simple ledge nest birdhouse GF.TV video

Here’s  simple bird house you can build that is perfect for a parent – child project using simple tools. This kind of birdhouse is used for ledge nesters, these birds are looking for a protected flat surface where they can build  nest.

You can watch our other how to build a birdhouse video here

You can use scrap lumber for this project; its a great way to declutter your workshop and do a good deed at the same time.

We need to build birdhouses to provide birds with nesting sites as their habitat is changed by humans. The bird house plan in this how-to video is a ledge nest style birdhouse for birds who would normally nest on an outcropping or a tree limb. The other style of birdhouse commonly built is a cavity nest, its you typical birdhouse, a box with a hole drilled into it.

Not all birds will use a cavity nest, so we build ledge nests too. I put the ledge nest birdhouses under the eaves of our outbuildings, so the bird nest has protection from rain.

Ledge nest is best located under the eave of a roof

These houses need to be put up high, 10 feet high if possible, the birds do not like to be disturbed. We have several near a dusk to dawn outdoor light, and the birds are attracted to the moths that fly around the light, free food right there.

Do you build birdhouses or go birdwatching? let us know below:

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  1. Sherry says

    I build Mt. Bluebird, Swallow & American Kestrel nest boxes, and bat boxes for mosquito control. I’ve also done a ledge nest for American Robins.


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