Cardboard Bikes, Plywood Boats, and Pork Chops GF Radio

Mike and Eric talk more about cycling, with Mike’s first group ride with a bunch of people older and healthier than he is. If you wnat to find a cycling group in your area, we suggest a web search for ‘cycling club’ in  your area. Keep in mind that we all start from somewhere, so go join a club and get riding. Then tell us about it.

We talk about the Cardboard Bike Mike read about, here is the link

We cannot overstate the importance of wearing a helmet when riding a bike. Bike helmets might look weird at first, but they can save your brain and your ears, the same ears that you use to listen to this fine program, GardenFork Radio.

Mike’s new recipe is for Pork Chops with Savory Apple / Carrot saute , getting his daughter to eat carrots, which is a rare event, we are told.

Plywood Boat Plans and how to build a plywood boat: Eric responds to questions people have asked about how to build a plywood boat, what kind of paint to use, how thick the plywood should be, etc.

Eric’s latest video, how to make a balsamic vinegar dressing, is discussed, Mike tries to poke fun but it doesn’t quite work, but that’s ok. Our goal is to get people to stop buying poorly made salad dressing and go make their own. The balsamic vinegar reduction hack video is here.

Loft bed plans – Eric posted photos and plans for a loft bed for kids, and mike has some suggestions. Eric then talks about why you should not use drywall screws when assembling this loft bed.


photo by alvimann

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