Career Change To Self Employed – GF Radio 342

Eric is joined by executive coach Rich Gee to talk about the mid life career change, becoming self employed, and creativity.

rich gee

We start talking about gas grill repair, Rick tells us about how he cleans his grill and how he keeps it from rusting in winter.

A good way to get thinking is to leave the office, we talk about this concept inspired by this NY Times article: Want a good idea? Take a walk :

On the theme of do what you want and the money will come, it works for some, but its not for everyone. Eric likes the thinking behind Work Is Not A Job .

This starts more of our talk about work, and if you are considering making the move to self-employment.

We move onto eggs, with an NPR interview with Michael Ruhlman, one of Eric’s fav authors. We agree that most people overcook their eggs, probably out of a longstanding fear of under-cooked food in this country.  BTW, there is a good interview on Alton Brown’s podcast with Michael here.

Then we talk about viewer mail and how we should deconstruct a dishwasher, which is a great idea.


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  1. Stephen D says

    Best episode in quite awhile! I hope Rich can join you again sometime.

    My grandfather had ducks, so duck eggs were all they stocked. Once I got over the different flavor vs. chicken eggs, I quickly fell in love. Scramble duck eggs are indescribably delicious.

  2. Jim says

    5Gallon buckets – WaldenEffect blog makes much ado with 5gall buckets. GardenFork should do some 5 gall bucket uses ideas. Transport/mix/storage/grow/clean/heat(thermal&solar). 5gall buckets are the wonder of 3rd world.

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