Pallet Compost Bin Video Update


Here’s a neat DIY compost bin we made out of pallets. My pallet projects obsession continues, lately I’ve been looking way too much at pallets sitting on a sidewalk and thinking what can I make out of those? Charlie Pup and I went out to dump kitchen compost in our pallet compost bin and I […]

Pallet Compost Bin Plan – GF Video


Use these compost bin plan and video with pallets to build a cheap compost bin.  Recycled pallets are perfect to make this bin, they are strong, have built in vents, and are free. This bin is also dog proof, our Labradors can’t get in it an cause trouble. We used some shelf brackets we found […]

How to save tomato seeds – GF Video


Learn how to save tomato seeds from tomatoes in your garden. Watch our video, its super easy to do. Tomato seed saving works best with heirloom and non-hyrid tomatoes. Seeds saved from hyrbrid tomatoes will not yield the same tomato variety. Save Tomato Seeds For Next Season Simple right? Its not hard to save tomato […]