Replacing the Cordless Drill Battery Charger

| April 5, 2014 | 3 Comments
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When we moved, I packed my drill – screwguns and the cordless drill battery chargers. Then when we unpacked, I couldn’t find the battery chargers. Has this happened to you? Battery Charger disappears into vapor. I am convinced they are in the basement in a box, and one day I will find them.


I finally had to acknowledge I would not find them soon after searching everywhere in the house for them. A new replacement cordless drill battery charger would be expensive, so I turned to my favorite source for good deals on stuff, . Click Here To Visit ebay.

My cordless drills use a 14 volt battery, the standard now is 18 volt or more. I’ve found some of 18 volt drills to be too heavy, and my drills still work just fine. I have bought new batteries for them, and they hold charge well.

I have seen ads claiming methods to rebuild cordless tool battery packs, but I’ve always believed that once batteries are toast, you have to replace the batteries. Plus, if there really were good methods to repair battery packs, there would be blog posts about the methods, and all we see are ads selling the how to information.

When searching through ebay, use broad search terms, type in the brand name of your tool, and the voltage. If your search is too specific, you may miss some listings. Keep in mind the seller may not know as much as you do about your battery charger and may not title the listing well.

I managed to find a multi voltage charger for my brand, which will charge the 14 volt batteries, and the newer voltages as well. I opted for the Buy It Now button, because the sale price with shipping was less than $20.

So now that the replacement cordless drill battery charger is on the way, I am sure to find the original.

Full Disclosure, GF is now is an affiliate of ebay, so if you click on any ebay links on our site, we get a small finder’s fee. But even if we weren’t I’d still suggest using ebay as a good place to buy replacement parts for cordless tools. Click Here To Visit ebay.

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  1. J. Williams says:

    If you had offered to send a pint of your maple syrup or honey you could have probably gotten it even cheaper! :)
    I use eBay quite often, where I live the only “big name” store around is China Mart, and I often find the same things on eBay that are cheaper, even including shipping. Just remember that if it is not specified “Free Shipping” the item may cost more than you thought. I’ve seen things that the shipping charges were more than the cost for the item locally.

  2. Jim says:

    If you are like me, you probably put them where you would know exactly where they were. If I throw my mail on the kitchen table or the coffee table, I can find the one I’m looking for with no problems. If I put it where I will know where it is, I never see it again! At least while I’m looking for it. I usually find it a few months later with the thought of “OH – THAT’S where I put it!” Same problem with tools or equipment!

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