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I made a video about this soaker hose water system I use to water my rooftop container garden. This watering system would be a good start for green roofs,  and for container gardens on a balcony or deck. The hardest part of a rooftop watering system is getting the water up onto the roof. I drilled a hole in the bottom of my kitchen window and have run a heavy duty garden hose up the back wall of our building, where the hose comes over the back wall of the building, I cut the hose in two and connected them with a right angle connector.

Do you use a drip irrigation system? Let us know if its DIY or store bought below and how you use it to water your plants.


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  1. Pat Murphy says

    Very Ingenious Eric! Will you do a followup to let us know how the poor parsley fares with this?
    Do you over winter the herbs pots on your roof ?

  2. Lauren Schexnider says

    Thanks Eric! I’ve wanted to do the same thing for my raised beds out in the yard. You really made it easy and I think I can imitate you. Now if I could just stop kicking myself for throwing away busted hoses :)


  1. […] The electric pump that pumps water to our drip irrigation system broke down, so its time for some electric motor repair. This pump supplies water to our drip irrigation system for our vegetable garden. We use soaker hose watering system for the garden, you can watch our how to make a DIY drip irrigation system video here […]

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