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| March 10, 2014 | 3 Comments
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Textured Ceilings are not easy to repair

A viewer mail on popcorn ceiling repair gets an answer from Eric, but first we have to take into account daylight savings time, which Eric did not this morning…

Popcorn ceilings are not easy to fix, but Eric takes us through the options and what  he would do. Paint solves many home improvement problems, BTW. Another solution would be to re-drywall the ceiling with 1/4 or 3/8″ drywall covering over the existing popcorn ceiling.

I was trying to think of who I knew with experience in textured ceilings to ask for their opinion on a problem I have and was drawing a blank until I thought of you (head slap).

I’ve got to fix or redo the textured ceiling in our kitchen before we put the house on the market. A few years ago the kids overflowed the upstairs bathtub and the water seeped into the ceiling. At first it was just a stain but eventually the popcorn texturing cracked and 18 to 24″ section along the seam came down. I’ve been looking online about textured ceiling repairs and a couple of places have stated its basically impossible to match a popcorn textured ceiling as the thickness and roughness is highly dependent on the operator and air pressure. What is your opinion? Do you think I, as an intermediate level DIY carpenter/painter/dry waller, could match it or would I better off pulling it all down and redoing the whole dinning room/kitchen ceiling texturing at once? I’m confident I can redo the drywall tape no problem but I’ve never done a spray on ceiling before so I’m not sure what the best course is.

Thanks for any suggestions you might have and thanks for all the great work you do on Gardenfork.

And about this Daylight Savings Time thing. We talk a bit about it, nothing conclusive, Rick knows more about this than Eric, of course.

Eric has to do a sefl-correction, once again. This time about how Jacks Farm Radio got its name. Eric thought the farm had been named Jack’s Farm before Daniel bought it, but that’s not true:

Now for the JACK’S FARM name.
Here’s a link to our story.

My wife, Deb and I started the farm from scratch.
JACK’S FARM refers to the fact that you need to be a jack of all trades as a small farmer.
More importantly, Deb thought Dan’s Farm sounded corny!

So there you go.

Favorite YouTube Channels of listener LJC:

Hi Eric,
Some of my favourite youtube channels (besides GFork) are:

1. Growing Your Greens by John Kohler

2. The Horticultural Channel by Sean James Cameron

3. Clairesallotment by Claire Burgess

4. RickVanMan by Rick Clarke (watch his allotment progress from day 1 to now!)

5. GreenGardenGuy1
A few websites I love:

1. Self-Sufficient in Suburbia (based out of the UK)…it is a fantastic blog with videos and pics.

2. Mark’s Veg Plot (also based out of the UK)

3. Dinner with Julie by Julie Van Rosendaal
Wishing you a speedy recovery! I hope you do some vids of what you are sowing and growing in your garden this summer. All the best, LJC

We talk more about Rick’s planned outbuilding, Eric suggested checking out Charlie’s Greenhouse and FarmTek.

Low-E windows come up, and Eric learns that low-E windows are not good for growing plants. And then we start talking about sailing in New York Bay in the Hudson. Eric would like to learn more about sailing. Rick has joined The Other People’s Boat Club.

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  1. Barbi says:

    Dear Eric,
    In response to the viewer with the popcorn ceiling, how about this? I too have to repair a textured ceiling with small popcorn, the kind you put an additive in your paint & roll it on in any thickness you want. I know it won’t match when I redo the patches, but when I redo the areas, I was planning on repainting the entire ceiling so it will look likea freshly painted ceiling, seams & imperfections covered.

  2. Eric Gunnar Rochow says:

    i think if you re-paint the whole ceiling , the repair will still show, but it all depends on how much it bothers you.

    its certainly an easy fix. thx! eric.

  3. Steve Bugnacki says:

    I’ve had to do many a patch from leaks on ceilings that were popcorn textured in apartments I had to turn to get ready for new tenants. Two tips that help the repair that I have seen are 1. Use the dry mix and add just enough water to make a ‘lumpy oatmeal’ thickness. Take a clean dry paint brush and dab on the texture using the brush. It is a little messy but the results are far better than the can and easy enough to do. 2. When trying to match a ceiling that has been “aged” as it were by use, try taking some paint that will closer match the color of the ceiling and add that to the dry mix. It is a closer match than the pure white you would see otherwise.

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