Eat Expired Food & Be Green : Real World Green Video

| April 29, 2011 | 7 Comments
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Is it safe to eat expired food? Watch Real World Green and see what food non-expert has to say about this and other ways to green your life. lists all sorts of info about food expiration.

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  1. Cheryl Mikel says:

    I’ve been in the packaging industry for 23 years. The dates on food is for optimal quality, but also serves another psychological purpose, its to get consumers to buy more – faster. 40% waste = 40% More business for food manufacturers…. and it keeps going down the chain, 40% more business for packaging companies as well. Im all for increasing sales, but the waste we create has really gotten out of control. Come on now, individually packaged handfuls of potato chips? Snack packs are really getting me bugged. Buy bulk, and your food will tell you when its old. Dated food really didnt start hitting the shelves till the 80′s. Before that, we didnt need dates to tell us when food was “old”.

  2. Jane says:

    I agree. People, myself included throw away way too much food! I am trying to check the fridge more often & make sure food that is close to expiration gets used up on time.
    I recently talked to the owner of a new yogurt processing plant in our area. He told me yogurt is still completely safe to eat 45 days AFTER the date on the container.

  3. Ken says:

    Isnt the best way to be green to consume as little or no processed and packaged foods? You address the dates here, but not the bad parts of processed food, including its often lack of good vitamins.
    On the positive note, people may want to check out “Freegans”. Freegans are people who dumpster dive to take advantage of this exact idea without paying for the food. Its not for everyone, but some people eat very well on this idea alone.

  4. oldrockmustard says:

    I’m always alert to expiration dates, and fortunately here at home we don’t waste so much. We avoid buying products in packaging such as “Tetra Pak” or “bottled water” that are real pests, and I always carry a stainless steel thermos with water or juice …

  5. Andrew Norman says:

    you are correct. you will ‘go green’ after eating expired food! :)

  6. Tim Lewallen says:

    Our family takes advantage of this by buying food at the store that is close to or at the expiration date and has been marked down as a result. We get “real” food – meats and veggies at half the original cost.

  7. janet says:

    get a good foodsaver or seal-a-meal. you can seal fruit to make it last twice as long and freeze leftovers for a later date. you won’t have to spend so much money on the bags if you make them longer than you need,cut them open,take out what you need and reseal it. you can also wash bags out (not the ones you use for meat) and reuse them.get the attachment that seals glass canning jars- and the canning jars that you can freeze.also, reseal the mylar snack bags so they won’t go stale.

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