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We make a simple trellis for our garden plants that uses recycled wood and twine. We grow peas, beans, cucumbers and other vining plants on this simple trellis. Watch our how to video and let us know your trellis ideas below.

i’ll post a trellis drawing here in a bit, email me if you need the plans right away, thanks.

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  1. says

    Eric – You continue to out do yourself. Love your new HD videos. Now if only I could get some rain and weather under 100 degrees to grow peas or beans!

    Thanks againf, Eric (and Camera Operator!) for sharing

  2. says

    Eric, I just watched your video today, and sure wish I had seen it a lot earlier in the year…lol. I made my trellis for cukes out of a whole large bunch of tree branches and twigs. Looks kinda cool, but wow, it was a major time taker when I should have been planting and weeding instead. I have all the same tools, (are we spoiled or what?) and a dog to help get in the way….lol. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Tonia Moxley says

    Where did you get that two-sided pilot hole drill bit? I can’t find one to save my life.

  4. Ginger says

    Camera operator was a little slow at the end 😉
    How do you keep deer out of your garden? Last year I had the deer walk right down my rows munching the tops off my peas and beans – this year they went after my pumpkin patch. They just wait for when the dog is inside to do it.

  5. Doreen says

    Cool Beans!! i just made some pretty cool trellising using old old bitter sweet vines my neihbor just tore out of the woods…so curly, knarly…they are topping several contractor’s stakes that were given to me … lashed there with twine…so cool!! will come apart pretty easily for the clean up! Thanks for sharing all that you guys do!! I so enjoy the dog poeple too!!

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