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If you don’t know that these are, you will soon. Scapes taste great, and are easy to cook. Here is our how to grow and plant garlic video, after watching our garlic scapes video.

If you want to order seed garlic to plant this fall, I suggest Filaree Farm. They pack your shipping box with the local paper, and its interesting to read a local paper from somewhere else. We’ll have an episode later this summer on planting garlic.

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  1. says

    Great videos!!! I love this one, this is what video blogging is all about; exposing things that noone really knows about.

    Thanks for the great vlog.

  2. Marilyn and Mark Malick says

    thank you for your wonderful videos, we are from Australia, however have found your videos great, we are just starting out, but has been our dream for a long time, many thanks, maz and mark from down under

  3. james ferris says

    great videos, i think eric is the star of the show, i like the dogs as well, the only thing is i wish we could see is wife in view and doing something as well, i am gland thier is a web site like this, because it inspires, healthy eating, and also respecting the countyside and garden, for food, it is educational, to watch.

  4. Sonja McCart says

    I love the tidbits about how to make what you have work for you. The towel idea is great. I can help my friends get started without them having to buy a lot of equipment. Aside, I am one of those that went all out…but I plan to can a lot!

  5. Sandy Hurd says

    There seems to be no video here and I’m wondering what about the towel? You have me curious.

  6. says

    I live in Melbourne Australia and planted garlic pieces in a plant pot last year to see if they would grow. Our climate is temperate and we only have snow in the great dividing range not at sea level where I live. . the garlic grew but it is very small with the stems three sided not round. There are little flowers just bursting out now and March is the beginning of Autumn so I will save the seeds and plant them in a couple of weeks.. I am curious so will pull out one plant and examine what is below the surface

    . They ave gone full cycle and there are only roots and no bulbs very healthy looking leaves and seed heads though:-)

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