What is Green Manure? – GF Radio 348

Today we explain what is green manure, how to grow it, and what to do to it. Responding to two viewer mails in one week, we figured we might as well talk a bit about gardening and the use of green manure. Buckwheat is often used for green manure, but there are also other plants you can use.

You can buy green manures from the Organic Grower Supply division of Fedco Seeds.

what-is-green-manureBut first we have to talk about how to behave on an airplane. Eric tells of a recent flight and the antics he got to watch and endure. Rick has his opinion, of course.

And we talk a bit more about geothermal energy, with an email from KC and using a lake as a heat sink to cool building.

But Eric wants to hear from you about how to behave on a flight, and how to moderate the behavior of other passengers.

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  1. says

    Hello Eric and Rick. This is Christina from the high desert of Nevada. Thank you for your lovely podcast…and videos and blog posts. 😉 The info on Green Manure was very useful for our area.

    Actually, I was wondering if you could look at doing a future video on how to build a Little Free Library? It might make a great project for someone with minimal building skills or for children.

    My advice for long flights…be sure to take a shower and wear deodorant. I’m amazed at how many people don’t!

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