Green Travel : Take the Train :

Air Travel has a huge carbon cost, its not green at all. Consider travel by train, its very green, and much less stressful. Watch this episode of Real World Green and green your travel. How do you green your travel or vacation? Let us know below:

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  1. says

    Finishing our 2nd cup of Green Mountain coffee, Northbound on Amtrak 194 headed into Washington DC, Gayle & I have also decided that there is much to recommend train travel.

    First of all, it’s such a darned civilized way to travel. We’re sitting up here in Business Class ($20 extra on a $45 one-way fare), with fully reclining seats (no middle seats anywhere on the train), two 120v plugs, & only 1 restriction on use: don’t disturb other passengers.

    Gayle finished a DVD on the computer while I read the complementary NYTimes. Although there have been some dead spots, I’ve had good coverage from AT&T for my iPhone. Even used it as a modem for the computer for awhile.

    Food is available in the Club Car, but except for the coffee, the eats are over priced & under good. The coffee is just over priced. But there is room in the CC to spread out a project or play hand of gin. We brought our own snacks, no hassle.

    The Business Class & 1 Coach Class cars are designated as Quiet Cars: no cellphone conversations, no crying children. Or, if you feel yourself disturb & if you were brought up in the South, you can just get up and walk to a different car. Try doing that on an airliner.

    No fees to park & no car hassles in DC, we will soon be dropped of @ Union Station, where we will catch the Metro over to our room.

    Took less time than driving I95 & there was no squeeze shute and TSA ear tag.

    Trains are a great way to travel.

  2. Julia says

    My family will be taking the train they call the City of New Orleans from Chicago down to New Orleans in the spring. We’re springing for a sleeping cabin, which comes with meals in the dining car. I hope they’re better than what you found in the Club Car!

    If our governor wasn’t such a complete idiot, we’d be able to take the train from Madison through Chicago to my own parents near St. Louis in a couple of years. That would be sweet.

  3. David Stainton says

    When my nephew came out to western Canada to visit me in BC, we took a minivacation to Prince Rupert from Vanderhoof. The cost for two=way fare was around $100. A bunch of family went including my brotherinlaw and motherinlaw. It took all day to go about 600km but to drive takes about a whole day. We would have had to take two vehicles. Taking the train was great as we went through mountain ranges and by river systems. Food was expensive for what you got, we had packed our own.

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