Green Your Office Paper Use :

Greening your office starts with paper use in your office or home. Recycled Paper is just the start to an eco office. Watch here as we show you a few ways to make your office more green, and less full of paper. How to you green your office and home? Let us know below:

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  1. Jane G. says

    Another ‘green’ thing to do with office paper…..shred it & add to the compost pile or use as mulch for the garden. Return it to the earth from where it came from!

    Don’t shred slick or brightly colored pages or envelopes with plastic windows etc. ‘Soft’ paper like brown paper bags or newspaper will jam up the shredder so be careful with what you shred. Those two kinds & also cardboard boxes can be laid flat on the ground, wet them down & cover with straw for a ‘prettier’ garden.

    I recycle my junk mail, used office paper & outdated invoices to name just a few.

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