Homemade Wood Stove Floor Protector

You just bought a wood stove, now you need a wood stove floor protector. Here’s how to build your own wood stove floor pad and save money.  A DIY friend of mine has fixed up a cabin up in the Catskills, and built this wood stove floor mat for his wood stove.
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A wood stove floor protector does just what it says, it keeps the floor from getting damaged by the wood stove. Wood stoves put out a lot of heat, and a floor pad shields the floor from that heat, it also makes it easier to clean up ashes and coals. And, a DIY floor pad looks great, as it matches your home.


He collected tiles from a few tile stores, with a blue color scheme for the one pictured.

a mix of tiles works great here

My friend built this out of a piece of tile backer board, a popular brand is Durock, but there are others. You have to use the heavyweight tile board, not the lightweight stuff. Below the tile backer board, he used a piece of plywood to add strength to the floor protector.

Tile backer board and plywood support the tile

a DIY wood stove floor protector that looks great.


Standard tile installation practices were used to make the floor protector, choose the tile and color combination, build the plywood / tile backer base, apply the tile adhesive, lay the tile, grout the spaces between tiles. If you know of anyone looking for wood stove floor protector ideas, here you go.

Note: this floor protector is a DIY project. Use this information at your own risk. Check local building and fire codes in your area.


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  1. David says

    This is a great idea for a DIY pad. They can be expensive, but are simple to put together. Good note on the fire code issue as well. Folks should also make sure it will fit their insurance regulations as well.

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