How to build a cold frame GF TV video

We’ve already had 2 frosts here, and I wanted to continue the salad green season. In this episode we build a cold frame out of easily found materials.

The vent I use on one end of the cold frame is available from Charlie’s Greenhouse, I’ve also seen them in the big home improvement stores, they are used to vent crawlspaces.

You can see some plans for our hoop house cold frame here

Sheperd Ogden has a good book: Four-Season Harvest, that goes into great detail about growing thru the winter, he should know, he lives in Vermont.

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Troy-Bilt Flex


  1. nancy says

    You want the formula for circumference – Pi*diameter.

    1/2 *3.14 * 4 approx = 6 feet. You were lucky.

  2. Eric Gunnar Rochow says

    yes, i know. i just wanted to out all the math geeks who watch. i’m re-editing a bunch of the old shows and will fix this. thanks for watching.

  3. Brenda says

    Ah, don’t fix anything, it’s fun just the way it is, makes me smile ;o) Great tips and love the ball-hungry furry friends too! Thanks!

  4. Alice says

    Ok! ya’ll are a really cute team! really enjoyed the tips. I’m glad you have the bloopers.
    It shows that your human and great sense of humor.The camera Girl is very witty!

  5. Chris says

    Dang, nancy beat me to it. 2*Pi*r is your formula. Luckiness with low numbers. What the heck…you’ve inspired me with your reckless attempts to do cool stuff.

  6. bubba says

    Nancy has it half-right, stating an incorrect formula (as does Chris) but showing a correct calculation. Because we only need enough PVC pipe to form a half-hoop (half-circle or semi-circle), the correct formula is: Pi * diameter/2

  7. Kevin says

    Thanks for the vido ! So…….. how did your vent work out. Was it adequate or did you have to ventilate further? Do you think it would work in the spring time also?

  8. John Andrews says

    I would just put a plastic flap on the inside of one end and on the outside of the other end. With the outside flap up high and the inside flap down low. Same hole size. If it warms up the outside flap will let the hot air out and the low flap will let more air in. Lots cheaper than your vents. Also, then you could just use plastic for the end pieces. I might try this. I am putting in a 4 x 8 frame now. (Oct 31, 2013)

  9. Eric Gunnar Rochow says

    interesting idea there, will have to check that one out, it makes sense on paper. eric.

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