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Want to learn how to tune-up your lawnmower or riding mower? Watch our how to video as Eric walks you through the steps to change the oil and tuneup your mower. You can use these same steps to change the oil and tune up a garden tractor or riding mower. Changing the oil and tuning up the engine of your mower or tractor will extend the life of the engine. Replacing the oil twice a season, or every 25 hours of use is the best way to go i think.

you can watch our video on how to sharpen your lawnmower blades here

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  1. Jeff Rosser says

    So my wife and I found your Garden Fork videos on the Nowhere Man channel on Roku and we really enjoy them. We’re playing catch-up, so that’s why I’m commenting on this older video. Anyhow, I wanted to offer one more step to your mower maintenance procedure, especially since you like to take care of the deck.
    Well, here it is: after you’ve cleaned the deck, use an old paintbrush and give the underside of the deck a coating of the used oil.
    That helps protect it and makes it clean up easier next time.
    I’d love to take credit for that tip but an old farmer friend showed it to me.


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