How to Cook Steak Perfect : GF video

Learn how to cook the perfect steak in this steak cooking video we made. Simple steak recipe that uses a frozen steak, so you don’t have to wait to defrost it. Neat. If you are looking for the answer to how to cook the perfect steak, watch this GardenFork video, you will be amazed at this easy steak recipe.

This steak recipe video was inspired by Melissa Clark of the NY Times and Nathan Myhrvold, author of the 5 volume Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking. They made a video on the NY Times site showing this method, and I wanted to share it with you all and put the GardenFork spin on how to cook steak.
For this steak cooking method, I suggest a propane torch from the hardware store, don’t buy one of those little butane torches at the cooking supply store, buy the real thing. Its also great for making Creme Brule, see our how to make Creme Brule video here.

We have also made a video about cooking steak sous vide, which is also a great way to cook steak and is part of the modernist cuisine movement. Our version of sous vide cooking uses a beer cooler, low tech but it works, much like a propane tech is low tech but it works.
I have a copy of the Modernist Cuisine At Home and really like it. If you want the full set, you can get that below as well.

Tell us your steak recipes, hacks and hints below, love to hear from you all, eric.

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  1. Tim Lewallen says

    This is a great idea. I did notice one thing however. The yellow bottle on your torch indicates that it is not propane or butane but either Map gas or propylene gas.

    There may be health considerations with these other materials. I don’t know but it would be worth looking into I bet.

    Either way you are cooking with gas!

  2. Tonia Moxley says

    You probably couldn’t have kept the salt and pepper on in the beginning anyway because the steak was frozen. Seasoning at the end is perfectly acceptable in our house. This is great. I’m going to try it with pork chops. I’ll bet pot roast would work, too!

  3. Tonia Moxley says

    On second thought, I want to see the video that explains “How Eric got a flame thrower.” :-)

  4. Eric Gunnar Rochow says

    you can buy one from your garden supply company, they are used on farms to kill weeds. and fun to cook steak with. eric.

  5. says

    TM: I think it’s really a weed burner in the south or sold as an ice melter in the north. I have a smaller version called a weed dragon. His uses a big propane bottle for BBQs, mine uses the little spin-on propane bottles for camp stoves.

    I use mine to burn weeds in the driveway cracks and around the foundation instead of spray.

  6. Tonia Moxley says

    Wow. I gotta get a weed dragon/ice melter/steak cooker of my own! Now that’s my idea of a multi-tool.

  7. Carolyn Brack-Jackson says

    Eric, loved your steak cooking. Did you sear both sides or just one? What cut of meat is that(my personal preference is ribeye)

  8. Tim Lewallen says

    I did this the other evening with a frozen flat iron steak and my blow torch. I browned the exterior, applied kosher salt and black pepper and then plopped it into the oven for about 50 minutes.

    It was the best steak I have ever made. No joke. The family raved.

    I’ll try the scalding hot cast iron skillet method next time for comparison.

    Thanks Eric!

  9. Brenda Crawford says

    I didn’t think cooking a steak could get any manlier , but a blow torch !!! That is so funny , but I think my husband secretly wants to try it!


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