How To Make A Homemade Dog Toy : GardenFork.TV video

Dog toys are expensive, here is a video & plan for a simple homemade dog rope toy. Our Labs love this toy, and after they destroy it, we can easily make another one. Moose and Charlie Pup are the tug of war toy dogs in our house, the others are tennis ball fixated. I came up with the idea of this homemade rope toy at the hardware store while looking at the different rope they have for sale. I bought a 100 feet hank of 3/8″ nylon rope and started experimenting with different dog toy designs. The dog toy we show you how to make in this video is the most popular and its simple to make.

Briefly, to make this rope toy:

1. cut 3 or 4 lengths of rope about 4 feet long.

2. bunch together one end of each rope in your hand, so the all the ropes hang down from your hand holding the rope ends.

3. while holding all 4 ropes together, tie an overhand knot at one end of the ropes.

4. continue tying overhand knots along the length of the ropes, making sure the space between knots is not large enough for the dogs to get their head stuck.

5. play tug of war with your dogs.

Do you make your dogs rope toys, or other homemade toys? let us know below, we’d like to see what GF viewers are doing.

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  1. Margie says

    Does it squeak? Because Kenji thinks it’s so much more interesting if it squeaks.

  2. says

    i made one for my 6 year old boxer maggie and she loved it. i love this website because im only 12 and i can do lots of fun things from
    this website

  3. Kerry says

    You should thread a couple of tennis balls to the ends of the pieces of rope, then the ball dogs would enjoy it too. Love your site. Love Moose:-)

  4. Bruce Berg says

    Made one today! Easy to make. Hope the dog finds it entertaining. I know I did.


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