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If you’ve ever wondered how to make donuts the easy way here it is, Super Simple Doughnut Recipe. This is Eric’s version of the Pillsbury Biscuit Doughnut recipe. We will make donuts the traditional way soon, but I had to try out this cheater doughnut recipe which uses biscuit dough you buy at the grocery store. Next up will be yeast doughnuts and cake donuts, but we have to do the donut hack here first.

Do you have a great donut or doughnut recipe? And what about this spelling issue between donut and doughnut? Let us know below

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  1. says

    Great Video, Eric. And every time I thought ” Oh, I hope he mentions XXXX” you did ( more oil, High smoke point, etc) Loved it. Especially seeing cast iron pans in action.

    Gotta go, I got Donuts to make!

  2. Lauren Schexnider says

    Eric, you just brought me back 30 years or so! My mom used to make biscuit dough donuts for my sister and I, when we were kids. She had a cast iron skillet, which she half-filled with Crisco, She always punched the hole in the donut with her finger – less to wash! The donut wasn’t complete without the beige line in the middle and topped with cinnamon sugar! Almost all her donuts were a little over-done :) Thanks for the memories and I love GardenFork! Keep up the great work!

  3. Rosalie Smith says

    Hi Eric,
    Cast iron is nice, but I like to use my wok for this job. It seems to use less oil, and my big wok gives the donuts plenty of room to move around. Either way, they’re mighty tasty!

  4. Ford says

    This was way to easy! Used smaller biscuits. Did not get so much of the doughy taste. Mixed cinnamon sugar in paper bag and coated them. Gonna cook some with no hole and make filled ones next time. Can you say BOSTON CREME! Thanks in advance.

  5. vicki says

    my mom made these when we where growing up.she made a sugar syrup w/ sugar,a little milk & vanilla. she would bring it to a boil, then drizzle it over the donuts. i can’t remember eating any other donuts till i was about 16. my mom also made homemade corndogs in her cast-iron skillet. no sticks in them…but i’ve never seen anyone else make them like she did. they where awesome. thanks for bringing back old memories…gotta go make donuts & maybe corndogs! : )

  6. says

    Great idea! I’m so busy cooking up lotions, creams and shampoos that I rarely have time to cook up recipes I would love to try. Thanks for the cheater version!

  7. Laura says

    What a blast from the past! Our grandmother made these every time we visited her house in Atlanta. Down south of course she had a deeper cast iron Dutch Oven, for deeper oil. A wok would also be ideal. With 3 hungry children waiting like your labs, she just rolled out hte can of biscuit dough and cut into rectangles. Faster than making holes.Tthey puff up like beignets. Shake in a bag with a few inches of powdered sugar. The sugar kind of melts onto the donuts. Thanks for your vids. Love them!

  8. Margie says

    Every year we do a foodie thing in the VA moutains. Typically, I do the first night meal on Friday (mainly since it’s right after we arrive and expectations aren’t so high). I’ve had a lot of fun with it (fish tacos; chicken enchiladas; some sort of stew, you get the picture — rule is stuff to serve quickly after a long drive with a big foodie weekend ahead). So, now I’m intrigued by the donuts. Lots of potential. I’m thinking breakfast for dinner, which works with my Catholic background. Tuna casserole and donuts? I’m intrigued. I’m not a gifted cook, but my husband is, which always makes my first night efforts interesting.

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