How to remove your name from catalog mailing lists

We’ve been getting multiple copies of numerous catalogs, and then there are another bunch of catalogs that I don’t want to receive. Its been in the back of my mind to clip out the address label from each catalog, write ‘unsubscribe’ on the label, and mail it back to the catalog company. But with postage costs rising, I thought, what if I just type:

remove my name from abc company mailing list

into a search engine? Well here is the answer:

Type the company name and hit go

Brilliant! and i saved a bunch on postage. The average person in the United States receives 41 pounds of catalogs and mailings a year, and while I like and buy things from many of the companies that send me catalogs, I don’t usually use the catalog, I go to their website and shop for what I need.

website form to remove your name from catalog lists

According to, junk mail produces more carbon dioxide than 9 million cars. They offer a service where for a $41, they will remove your name from mailing lists for 5 years. This is a great way to keep all those credit card offers from flooding you mailbox.

I also called my credit card company and told them to stop mailing me those balance transfer checks and offers. It might not be a rational fear, but I don’t want those blank checks they mail me to end up in the wrong hands. And its one less thing to shred and jam our paper shredder. Neat.

So there you go, type in the name of the catalog company and you will probably find a link to a page on their site to remove your name from mailings.  A few of the companies required an email address when filling out the form, I typed in a made-up email address.

How to you reduce mailings and paper in your house? Let us know below:

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  1. Stephen says

    I know I’m going to get whacked in the back of the head with a rolled up Hammacher Schlemmer catalogue for proposing this arguement in favor of junk mail, but…

    In these struggling times at the post office and in this economy, those catalogue and credit card companies are creating jobs that wouldn’t otherwise be there. I’m sure it’s 90% of what they deliver, because it’s 90% of what I find in my mailbox. I don’t mind going right from the mailbox to the recycle bin if it hinders unemployment.

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