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Need to replace your damaged car fender? Learn here how to replace that car fender that hit guard rail, or got mashed by someone who couldn’t stay in their lane, or whatever accident damaged the fender, learn here how to replace your truck or car fender with a replacement from an auto recycler or a new fender from a auto body supplier.

Have you done any body work on your car? Let us know some good tips on repairing the bodywork on your car or truck below, thanks.

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  1. says

    So happy, happy to see new DIY videos! You’ve inspired me to start fixing simple things on my car, too. Which saves a little money, but just mostly makes me feel capable and accomplished. Thanks!

  2. Liam Montgomery says

    Thank you for posting this video. I was in distress over the body shop trying to charge me $2000 to replace the headlight, bumper and fender on one side. Now that I know that it is as easy as a couple of bolts, I’ll have it done as soon as I can get the parts!!

  3. Luther Berg says

    Great video. I recommend that viewers watch a couple of these and do a visual recon before buying anything.

    I am going to replace – driver side [“left”] front fender on a 1994 Eagle Vision -. You will need all of this info on your vehicle if you are looking for parts. An obscure car when it was made 20 years ago. My mechanic couldn’t find body parts or light sets.

    Happy surprise: I found them. Salvage parts, after market plastic and after market metal fenders and light sets are all available from multiple sources.

    It helped that the Dodge Intrepid, Chrysler Concorde, and possibly some Plymouth, use some or all of the same parts, and I could search for those.

    I have replaced parts before; on cars, motorcycles, the motherboard and hinges on a PowerBook Titanium notebook computer, the left track on an M-60 A1 tank, lamps.

    My fender repair may be harder. Some other parts may have to be removed to get at the bolts that hold the hood on. However, having the replacement hood in hand will help me figure out where I should be looking for bolts to remove.

    Thanks again.


  4. Eric Gunnar Rochow says

    great Luther, some of the body parts are harder than mine to replace, i was luck with mine! thx, eric.

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