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Learn how to requeen a beehive in this beginning beekeeping video. Requeening the hive is not rocket science, but you do need to know how a few things when you do this. This Beekeeping video will show you how to replace the queen in your beehive, or at least how we do it. As with many things in life, this is how we do it, others may do it differently.

You replace the queen in a beehive when you want to improve the hive’s characteristics or when the original queen of the beehive has died for some reason. You also requeen a beehive to keep it from swarming.

We are going to try requeening our hives in late August to prevent swarming the following spring. I’m told that queens replaced in the fall will not swarm in springtime, so we’ll see. Of course we’ll make a video about that.

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  1. leonard says

    Hi Eric, just wanted to know how the jennifer berry’s queens worked out for you did you see any difference in you honey production? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
    thanks leonard

  2. admin says

    the new queens are good so far, the bees from those queens are smaller than those from our original packages, but they still work. thx, eri c.

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