Hurricane Irene & Plywood Boats : GardenFork Radio

Mike and Eric talk about hurricane Irene, being a weather geek, the Allison House Weather Station that GardenFork uses, and Eric’s new plywood boat video

hurricane irene talk



WMR968 Weather Station is available from

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  1. Kathy says

    “Go get some CFLs. We have hurricanes in New York now,” says Mike.

    Did I hear right? Were you implying that hurricanes in NYC are a recent phenomenon affected by the mere presence of humans using their incandescent bulbs?

    Here’s a link you might want to explore:

    You’ll notice that there appears to have been several “extreme” weather events in the area long before we could have had much impact. Climate changes–that’s the nature of the beast.

    I do love to listen to you guys on the show, but there are times…

  2. Martha Robles says

    Hi Eric and Mike,

    We were starving last night and the owner our local Porky’s Pizza–sorry, I have to give them a plug although they aren’t on the East Coat. Anyway, they really saved us from starving last night because the owner was cool and greeted us warmly, took our order and quickly prepared our yummy pizza; although it was half an hour past closing time.

    We order from Porky’s regularly because their pizza is so delicious, and it was nice to know the owner is also customer oriented and cool!

    Take care and thanks for all the great shows!

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