Intelligent Puppies, New Cars, Stolen Plumbing GF Radio

Monica joins Eric to talk about what Monica has been up to lately. We talk about her new rescue pup, and the trouble the younger dog can get into, but also the fun too.

Monica uses the laser pointer to exercise her dogs, its a good exercise tool when its too hot to go outside.

Twitter is discussed, Eric uses twitter a lot to keep up with people, using TweetDeck, Monica likes it for fast access to news events.

How to cope with hot weather? Stay hydrated. Monica removed the grass from their yard and put down pavers, the pups had torn up all the grass anyway.

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  1. Monica says

    Couple of links I’d like to share
    Marler Food Blog
    Flip Board-best way to “read” facebook
    Good Dog Training
    Howard and John are doing a great job teaching me to teach Frida.
    Nina Ottosson’s Interactive Dog toys
    We have the spinner and the brick. I fill the puzzles with bits of cookies and put them on the ottoman so Frida has to use her nose, not her big ass paws.

    My girlfriend, Tracey, stayed with us just after we adopted Kora. One morning, while Jim and I were at work and Tracey was home, Kora grabbed a wine bottle and played keep away with Tracey. Running back and forth on our hardwood and tiled floor. Tracey could just imagine her breaking the bottle and having to run her to the vet. Well, Frida grabbed my glass rain gauge the other day.


  2. Julia says

    Thanks for the links–love the video of the Sheltie opening the treat pockets! Tell Tracey that when Kora grabs something scary, the best reaction (assuming the dog doesn’t know “drop it” as a cue) is to try to ignore it, leave the room and come back with something fabulous to dogs. (Of course, there’s still the risk that when the dog drops the thing she was hoping you’d chase her for–on the tile floor–it breaks!!)

    I actually came here to point out something about high efficiency cars. An electric car or a gas/electric hybrid shines in stop and go city driving. If you have a highway commute, you might be better off with a super-efficient combustion engine, like my VW Golf TDI. For most cars, highway mileage is better than city, but for hybrids the reverse is true.

    If you’ve got a job that can’t be missed, I would recommend putting on some snow tires in the winter. Hardly anybody does that anymore, but they make a huge difference. Without snow tires, I was slipping and sliding on ice in my Golf. With snow tires, I was breaking snow drifts on not-yet-plowed highways and never had a problem. I’m a pediatrician and I used to work in a town a one hour drive away in semi-rural Wisconsin–the snow tires made sure I always got home safely.

  3. Aengus Gordon says

    Monica / Eric, if you use a plastic bag to line the inside of your terracotta pot it will stop it drying out Rds Aengus (Ireland)

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