Labrador Retriever Video New Years Show

| January 4, 2012 | 6 Comments
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A few highlights of past Labrador Retriever videos we’ve had on the GF TV show, enjoy and have a happy new year.

To go over the lineage again, Henry and Charlie Pup are our Labs. Moose, the black lab, is Charlie Pup’s brother, same parents, different litter. Annie, the skinny gold labrador is a rescue labrador who lives with Moose and Mij down the road at our neighbor’s house.

Mij is Henry’s brother, they look almost exactly alike, except Mij, being a male, is larger. They both have pink noses and yellow eyes, I think they are called Dudley Labradors.

Charlie Pup and Moose’s parents are Dozer and Penny. Dozer is Henry and Mij’s brother, he bark and acts fierce until you walk up and pet him, then he melts. Penny has the same block head that Charlie Pup does, and is the pushy one in the family. This is where Charlie Pup’s headstrong nature comes from.

The funny part is when we go visit Dozer and Penny and the extended labrador clan, Charlie Pup is very submissive. Kinda funny to see the pushy one act like that.

Buddy, the patriarch of all the Laradors on our street, passed away this summer. He lived with Dozer and Penny. Now, our neighbors, who are hobby breeders, have a yellow labrador, Schaefer, who is the grand pup of Henry, Mij, and Dozer’s sister Hope, who lives on the other side of our town.

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  1. Jerry Wages says:

    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your show. I really love the variety and especially the “human” factor of Gardenfork. When you make a mistake or forget an ingredient I laugh really hard (because we ALL do that). I look for updates to the show almost daily. You’re like an online virtual friend. ( I hope that doesn’t sound pathetic….haha!) Oh yeah, I love the dogs too!

    Sincerely, Jerry

  2. Too stinkin’ cute those Labs are….. and the muddy tongue made me so very happy that they live at *your* house and not mine!

    Thanks for the great TV and podcasts – you are officially now one of my “imaginary friends”.

  3. Eric Gunnar Rochow says:

    our car has taken the brunt of the mud dogs, it kinda smells like a kennel now… eric.

  4. Snow Wolf says:


  5. Lee says:

    Hi! Just found you and your site and I love it already. Can you tell me where you purchased your Labs from? I am looking to purchase a Lab puppy. Thank you for any help you can provide me.

  6. Eric Gunnar Rochow says:

    Our Labradors were born at our neighbor’s house, they are not from a breeder. thx, eric.

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