Love the Podcast! Viewer Mail – GF Radio 349

garlicEric goes solo and reads viewer mail about Garlic, raised beds, weeding from Matty, & free libraries from Christina.

The NY Times article we talk about is here. More info on Bucky Buckaw is avail here.

You can watch our how to grow garlic videos here:



Check Our More GardenFork Here:

Troy-Bilt Flex


  1. Myra S. says

    I don’t know why you feel you don’t have a good podcast when you’re by yourself. It’s great! It’s exemplary! We’re all your friends out here cheering you on.

  2. RJ Parker says

    I LOVE your podcasts, especially the videos – as do my friends. You’re actually better by yourself you are delightful, fun, and informative. I now make bread all the time due to you, and am planning a backyard pizza oven. Please keep it up! much aloha, RJ

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