Making Hard Cider, Brewing Beer, Making Soap GF Radio

How to make hard cider, how to brew beer, and how to make your own soap are the topics on GF Radio. Ben joins eric to talk about hard cider and how homemade hard cider is made, and what not to do when making hard cider. what yeast should you use when making hard cider? wild yeast or a cultured yeast? eric used a champagne yeast the last time he made hard cider, you can see his how to make hard cider video here.

Beer Brewing comes next, both Ben and Eric homebrew beer; Ben talks about making up your own beer brewing recipes, brewing beer from grain instead of from malt extracts, and how to brew beer in a studio apartment in brooklyn. Eric prefers recipes for malt exract brewing, there is less to mess up that way. making lager beer, or lagering, is a goal for Eric. Making a lager beer is harder, you have to control the temperature more better, from what we understand.

Next up is making your own soap and deoderant. Ben is now making dishwasher soap, shampoo, deoderant, and dish soap for his family.  its not hard, he learned from a class at work, but you can learn online. we’ll have to make a video about how to make soap soon, it sounds like even Eric can make soap.

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  1. Katja says

    Have you ever thought about making mead, you being a beekeeper?
    There is a book called ‘The Complete Mead Maker’ which is really good.


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