Mike Is Now A Ford Guy : GardenFork.TV

Mike and Eric talk about Mike’s Ford Bronco from the mid 80s, and then Eric joins us to talk about aquaponics, which is a pretty cool system for growing food and fish. His aquaponics blog is here.

You can listen to Rick talk about how to set up an aquaculture farm here on this GF Radio show. Rick has rented a large greenhouse and starting up an aquaponics greenhouse.

Then we move to viewer mail about being prepared for disasters , eric’s idea for floating houses, and the listener call in line. neat. call us 860-740-6938

photo by gracey

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  1. says

    Hello all,

    I forgot to mention Nelson and Pade. They are one of the forerunners in the aquaponics industry and are very well respected. You can check out their website and learn a bunch, aquaponics.com

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