Rice Noodles & Green Beans with Tamarind-Almond Butter Sauce Recipe

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To curb a budding takeout addiction, I learned how to make Pad Thai at home. Although some recipes call for a substitute of lime juice, the dish traditionally relies on tamarind for its acidity, so I purchased a jar of tamarind paste. I have since become smitten with its sour-sweet bite and am experimenting with other ways to use this new-to-me ingredient. Otherwise, that jar would wind up forgotten in condiment purgatory, better known as the door of the fridge.

So far I’ve been sticking with riffs of Pad Thai: rice noodles, vegetables, and roughly Asian ingredients. I’m sure it’s all far from authentic, but what’s more traditional than taking what you have on hand to put together a meal? The recipe below is a recent dinner using tamarind that comes together quickly and with relatively few ingredients but is still flavorful and satisfying. If you try it out, let me know what you think. And please pass along any of your tamarind-inspired recipes – It’s no small jar!



  1. says

    Sarah – sounds delicious. So, I’m wondering about a substitute for the almond butter. We’ve got a severe nut allergy in our house and so the almonds are out. Ideas?


  2. Sarah says

    Pardon my ignorance regarding nut allergies, but does that mean just tree nuts? Are peanuts or seeds okay? Peanut butter or tahini could be good subs, but (especially compared to tahini) almonds have a natural sweetness, so you might have to increase the honey to balance out the tamarind.

  3. says

    Sarah – depends on the person. In our case, it is all tree nuts and peanuts. Seeds are OK. Really limits her choices. She’s a vegetarian to boot… it can be interesting finding foods.


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