Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets To Save On Your Renovation – GF Radio 337

| March 25, 2014 | 1 Comment
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To save money on your kitchen renovation, you can keep your existing cabinets and refinish them. Rick and Eric talk about refinishing kitchen cabinets and other money saving tips when doing a kitchen renovation, inspired by a post on The Kitchn, one of Eric’s favorite sites. Eric suggests using sponge rollers to paint the cabinets, and the cabinets must be clean. We were both curious about the use of cork flooring if anyone has a cork floor, we would like to hear from you.

refinish-kitchen-cabinetsSalt Cod is the new Bacon : From the Salt blog on NPR, we talk about salt cod, and how one can use it in cooking. One has to be mindful of the impact of cod fishing too. we don’t have a def answer on the viability of salt cod.

NPR has several podcasts that we like, notably the NPR Food Podcast.

Viewer Mail:

You can watch one of our Bread Baking videos here.
The difference between Artisan Bread & No Knead Bread

“I just watched your webisode about making bread and followed the directions verbatim and the bread came out better than any bread that I have bought from a bakery and I grew up in Brooklyn, New York. That it saying a lot. Thanks a lot for the postings.
“Hi Eric. I watched your video on youtube oh so long ago and then went to this HUGE site you have! WOW! Anyway, if I wanted to do a sourdough but I didn’t want to do the large container of dough in the fridge how do I make that happen? I mean I want a no knead sourdough. I’ll make the starter for the sourdough, I just don’t want that much bread starter. Could you tell me what the amounts would be reduced to for the ingredients?
I have a cast iron skillet but no lid. Could I use that instead of a dutch oven?

Rick tells of how he likes the TED Radio Hour and the recent show on Success is inspiring. Rick inspires us, I think.

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  1. Julie krantz says:

    Hey now, I wasn’t picking on y’all about the geeking! Just quoting your phraseology. As you say, emails have no tone so know that I’m smiling. I actually learned something from the tech talk in this episode. I was wondering the same thing about why I couldn’t watch some of the oldies but goodies and now I know! So see? Broadening the mind here. Oh, and if that was your Brooklyn kitchen in the episode with Erica and the gravy, it looked awesome already!

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