Simple Pizza and Bread Oven Plans GF Radio

Stuart Silverstein joins us to talk about how to build backyard bread and pizza ovens.

You can watch our how to build a brick pizza oven video here.

You can buy Stuart’s book here

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  1. Kris from Hamden, CT says

    Hi Eric,
    This comment is about food but not so much pizza… I regularly go through your recipes and videos and noticed a comment by another “gluten-free” person which reminded me how I found you in the first place! I live “gluten-free” and frequently search the web for Gluten Free recipes which are commonly notated “GF” which is how I found your – “GF” = GardenFork a few years ago! After seeing this other comment (in the Latkes video) I began to wonder how many Celiac’s you have attracted because of this??? Hmmm – could it be that you have a specific demographic following “GF” that you never realized??? And truly many of your recipes are GF, or easily converted, so I really do appreciate all your hard work – Well Done!!!
    PS: I made my colon shy boss listen to your show on Rick’s Colonoscopy – he’s looking into Rick’s ‘pill alternative’ as, and I quote, “a do-able” option because he is being hounded by his wife and doctor… Maybe his life will be the life you save – you never know!

  2. Rob says

    Not sure if this little ASCII picture i made below will show up but i was pressed for time; i thought of this after watching your video. If you have another double row or so of bricks centered front and back in the oven you could push the coals all around to the channels in the back and on the sides (and even the front if you make a lip with more bricks. That way heat will come from all sides and you can have a cleaner, elevated cooking surface.

    ——————/ \—-
    | |
    | |

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