Squash Vine Borer Treatment #2 : GF Video

The Squash Vine Borer eating the squash, pumpkin, zucchini plants? Get rid of the squash borer with this method.  If you have squash borer damage on your squash, pumpkins, zucchini plants, here’s how we treat our squash plants.

The moth of the squash vine borer lays it eggs next to the young squash plants, and the larvae then enter the plant by chewing a hole. If you see what looks like orange sawdust and a hole in  your plant, you have borers. Not good, but if you are careful and use our borer removal method, you can still grow some great squash!

The moth that lays the vine borer eggs is a weird looking one, it looks like a cross between a moth and a ninja warrior. It has red and gray markings, here are some photos of the moth.

There are other squash vine borer treatments, methods, ways of prevention, we cover a few of them here:


Squash Vine Borer Prevention and Treatment method #1

Squash Vine Borer Treatment #3 using Bt

Don’t Give Up!

Despite these squash vines looking dead, you can still get some good squash out of them, so go ahead and try. It also helps to reduce the population of squash moths. From what I’ve read, Butternut Squash are less susceptible to the borer, and summer squash like zucchini are more susceptible. I remember as a kid seeing our zucchini die every year and the presence of that orange sawdust stuff.

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How do you control squash vine borers? Any successful treatment you’ve used? Please let us know below:


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  1. Melisa says

    I just rescued my summer squash by doing this method a few days ago. One question though… how many grubs are usually in one plant stem? Is it just one? I only found one in my summer squash stem, but didn’t know if i should continuing slicing up the stem further to find more. I ended up just killing the one and putting a mound of soil over the vine. The plant is already looking much perkier and its been just about 3 days.

  2. Lauren Schexnider says

    Thanks! I never knew that I should pack the stem with soil! Great way to try to salvage the plant! By the way, put those grubs near a bluebird house or on a bird feeder – the birds will love them and you’ll feel a sense of sweet revenge :) (Or maybe that just speaks to a part of me that should be helped :) )

  3. Sparkomatic says

    I actually use a hypodermic needle and concentrated Seven liquid. Inject it several places above where I see the frazz.

  4. Erin says

    I wish I would have watched this video and hour ago! I just pulled out a bunch of SVB, but then tossed the plants because I thought they were trash!

  5. Eric Gunnar Rochow says

    sorry to hear that Erin, i’ve done the same thing , we all learn! thx, eric.

  6. says

    I have spent almost 3 months trying to grow meticulously, healthy butternut, winter, yellow& zucchini squash & just as my babies are maturing & getting beautiful, these nasty boogers take out 2 of my beautiful plants. Its 4:40 a.m. & Im headed out to do “surgery” to remove whatever I can find :-( But how do I prevent their return??? Signed, Concerned Shannon

  7. Eric Gunnar Rochow says

    sorry to hear about your squash vine borers, its real frustrating.

    there are some sprays that will help cut down on the number of borers, the key is to keep the moth from laying eggs in the first place and if the borers are already present, you can use a type of BT injected into the vine.

    try Gardeners Supply or Gardens Alive for solutions.

  8. Deborah Beck says

    I am really curious about the squash bore moth trap.Could someone please send me some more info. on that PLEASE?????

  9. Shay says

    Just went out and did some surgery on my yellow squash plants. Success!! I knew something was wrong when I noticed that orange stuff, but I had no idea what was wrong. Thanks for the great tutorial.


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