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How to start an aquaculture farm starts GF Radio today, as Rick has decided to grow vegetables using aquaponics and hydroponics. Aquaculture is a system which uses fish in tanks and plants in trays. Listen as Rick tell us how to start a low cost aquaculture system, aquaponics systems, and aquaponic gardening. The plan is to grow tomatoes in winter with this fish and plant sytem, using available materials.

Rick wrote about his new greenhouse aquaculture project on our site.

We talked with a GF listener, Eric, about his aquaculture project on this GF Radio show. Eric has a simple aquaculture setup in his home using an aquarium and some grow lights.

Rick also tells about a Texas turkey hunt, and why not all wild turkeys taste great. Eric talks about his deer hunting trip to the Catskills in New York State, hunting on NYC watershed land, and why you should have all your permits in order when hunting.

We then move on to highway safety, a recurring subject on GF Radio. Driving too fast or too slow can cause accidents.

If you have an aquaponic garden or an aquaculture setup , we’d like to hear from you, please leave a comment below or email us, always interested in hearing from you all.

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