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| April 29, 2014 | 3 Comments
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An unkind iTunes review starts our show, and Eric asks that you go to the GF Radio page on iTunes and write an honest review. And attest to the fact that we do talk about gardening and food, and sometimes ourselves as well. Lots of gardening and how to and DIY on this show, btw.

Our newest GardenFork Video about Artisan Bread baking is bread recipe about Artisan Bread with Caramelized Onions.  Rick asks how we make caramelized onions, and points out how Eric Wides said that there is a fine line between caramelized and burnt.  Eric tends toward burnt onions, but is getting better, letting the onions steam for a bit, then cooking them down to brown.

Pressure cooker to the rescue, as Eric learns one of his guests is gluten free, and uses the pressure cooker to crank out some white beans and onions to serve with the short ribs. And we talk about the virtues of  saving yogurt containers, which work great for interim gutter downspout pipe!  So its ok to save yogurt containers!  Tell your significant other how important it is to save them…

talking-about-gardening-foodEric likes the Jacques Pepin Fast Food My Way tv shows that are now on YouTube. Jacques makes it all simple, and we like that.

Rick tells us about his grafting of tomato plants.

Viewer Mail:

From Jackie:

Eric, try this; add a hand full of whole grain oats to homemade cornbread mixture, bake it, taste it. I swear you’ll, afterward, suggest it to fans who hate oats but know they should add oats to their diet to lower their LDL cholesterol.

From Rod

How would I can my own homemade dog food? I have a friend that is into making his own dog food and I would like to do the same but also can the food so it will last a long time and I can make a larger batch for my dog.

• I’ve had to do many a patch from leaks on ceilings that were popcorn textured in apartments I had to turn to get ready for new tenants. Two tips that help the repair that I have seen are 1. Use the dry mix and add just enough water to make a ‘lumpy oatmeal’ thickness. Take a clean dry paint brush and dab on the texture using the brush. It is a little messy but the results are far better than the can and easy enough to do. 2. When trying to match a ceiling that has been “aged” as it were by use, try taking some paint that will closer match the color of the ceiling and add that to the dry mix. It is a closer match than the pure white you would see otherwise.

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  1. jenn says:

    don’t be too hard on yourselves for one bad review! the person who left a one-star review has left only 3 reviews on ITunes, all negative, and from the comments it’s clear that they only listen to one show before passing judgment. I’m sure most of your regular listeners enjoy every show, like I do!

    in my opinion the advice you offer is more solid and reputable because you share your personal experiences, and listeners get to know how you come by your information. keep up the great work, and thank you.

  2. rhkennerly says:

    BTW, big thanks to Eric after my tomato grafting failure. I’d forgotten all about Wax Grafting.

    Essentially you plant two tomatoes seedlings very close, side by side: one resistant rootstock, the other the fruit bearing variety you want (I started both from seed in March).

    Scruff up a wound on the side of the tomato vine where they’ll come together. One for each plant. Then press the two wounds together and wrap with grafting wax (there are recipes online, but I just used beeswax and propolis and rolled it between my hands until it was warm and pliable).

    It helps to be systematic in your planting: rootstock on the left, fruit stock on the right (or vice versa).

    When I get back to town, I’ll cut the top off of the rootstock vine and then cut the stalk of the fruitstock vine, leaving me one plant that should be half and half.

    If this works, it might help my yield. I’ve been losing a ton to Late Blight.

  3. Eric Gunnar Rochow says:

    Thx for that! Eric.

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