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We are on the road today in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY visiting with Daniel Delaney. Daniel and I talk about if someone can turn on the webcam on your laptop, and relates a story about an artist who did something similar at a computer store, and was then visited by law enforcement

Eric likes Daniel’s great Bolognese sauce that he did for his What’s This Food show, and we talk about how to can tomato sauces with a pressure cooker, and canning foods from the farmers market. The Karen Solomon book we talk about is Can It, Bottle It, Smoke It And Other Cooking Projects.

Daniel relates about cooking crawfish and his trip to New Orleans, and how water chestnut flour in a cake is not a great thing.

Eric tells how to propagate rhubarb, how to grow it, how to transplant it, and whether you can grow it from seed. Then we get into how lobster rolls are regional dishes , how they should be made. Mayonnaise or butter? or a mix?

Eric was inspired to start salt water fishing by Ben Sargent founder of Brooklyn Urban Anglers Association.

Daniel talks about the best spice rub to use on a pork shoulder that you are going to smoke. And how to smoke BBQ the quickest way possible using aluminum foil.

Daniel talks about 110 stories, a kickstarter campaign he has helped promote

and viewer mail about Moose, the black labrador!





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