The Labrador Retrievers have to be walked

5 inches of snow out there and the Labradors want out. They are done playing on your bed, they have succeeded in waking you up, now get on your snow pants and take them out.

Mij on our snow walk

We met up with Charlie and Henry’s siblings for the snow walk and then after our Labrador walk, they all came over to our house. The pups are now sleeping. Mij, Moose, and Annie have taken over our pup’s couch, so Henry and Charlie went upstairs for their nap. Sometimes the Retrievers compete for coveted spots on the dog couch, the couch will already be full and one of them jumps up and tries to lie down on top of someone who is already there. Who wins depends on who is doing the nudging. Its interesting to watch the hierarchy of a Labrador pack of dogs.

The guest Labradors take over the dog couch

When our Labradors, Henry and Charlie, are alone, Henry is clearly the alpha dog, but when they are with their larger brothers, Mij is the pack leader, Moose is 2nd. Charlie Pup then will challenge Henry, trying to dominate her. Yet when we go to visit Henry and Charlie’s  other relatives, Charlie is incredibly submissive, crouching down in front of the Labs from their larger circle of relatives.

When with her larger relatives, when the first meet, Charlie will be crouching, her ears flat and her tail between her legs. This may be because she is not sure of her place in this larger pack when they first start out. But after a few minutes, Charlie Pup is a back to acting like the crazy pup she is.

Charlie getting Henry to play

How do your dogs act around other dogs, do you have a pack of them? What dominance and dog hierarchy do you see? Let us know below:

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