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The Small House, The Tiny House Movement, The Not So Big House are all part of the Minimal Living Movement. I’m doing my best to reduce the clutter in my house, have fewer possessions, and I do live in a fairly small house, and I aspire to a Minimalist Lifestyle. But its pretty big compared to the Small House Andrew Odom is building for himself and his spouse. Today we talk with Andrew about Tiny Houses in general and how he came to start building his Tiny House.

Andrews blogs about living with less at his site, Tiny rEvolution on the Tiny House Blog

photo by wallyir

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  1. Jennifer Fraser says

    Very interesting conversation, thank you. It’s an idea that peaks my interest, next trick will be to convince my husband! Does he really need 47 screw drivers….

  2. Stew says

    Have you seen Charlie Wing’s house? Used the economy of space onboard a sailboat as a design philosophy. It’s up there in New England somewhere. Years ago Charlie was a leader in “intelligent” housing movement back in the 70’s (even had a PBS show).
    Love the show, keep up the good work

  3. Eric Gunnar Rochow says

    Neat. Charlie Wing’s background in sailboats and homes comes together in the small house lifestyle plan.


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