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How to plant tomatoes? What kind of heirloom tomatoes to grow? What about hybrid tomatoes? Which are the best ones? we talk with tomato growing expert & Eric’s neighbor, Priscilla the Egg Lady about how to grow tomatoes, tomato planting, and all things tomato.

Every year Priscilla selects way too many varieties to grow in her green house, and she sells the seedlings in her roadside farmstand. We get our tomato plants from her every year. This year she used Solo brand cups to grow her tomato transplants, and it looks like it worked out well, the plants we got are well rooted and slipped easily out of the cups. Remember to plant the seedling deeper than it was growing in the pot. By planting the seedling this way, new roots will grow out from the part of the steam that is below the soil line, which makes the plant stronger. this is helpful in areas where there is a lot of wind, and also helps to keep the plant from drying out quickly, as the roots are deeper.

Juliette is my favorite tomato plant of the moment, last year it was the best tomato we planted. its a grape style tomato that was resistant to disease and kept on producing well.

Priscilla was on GF Radio last year talking about how to grow tomatoes, listen here.

You can watch our how to grow tomato videos here

What are you tomato growing tips & ideas? let us know below:


photo by hotblack

Troy-Bilt Flex


  1. Nick says

    I always love hearing from Priscilla! Tomatoes are one of my favorite things to grow too :)

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