Trimble Overnight Cole Slaw Recipe

From a GF viewer, an interesting recipe for cole slaw:

Trimble Over-Night Slaw

Eric, like I said, this has been a requested side for generations.  Now we DO love
our normal Cole Slaw (being from the South, it’s a MUST have with pulled pork BBQ
and fried or grilled seafood) but this slaw recipe is GREAT and on a hotdog or as a
side you can’t beat it.  Most of all, it can be put out for hours, then re-refrigerated
without anyone getting sick like from mayo or salad dressing slaws.
This is a shredded slaw, not chopped and is crisp and sweet with a tang to it.
Keeps for a week!!!

Trimble Over-Night Slaw

1 large head of cabbage
1 large onion
1 large green pepper
1 cup white sugar
3/4 cup vegetable oil
1 cup cider vinegar
1 teaspoon dry mustard
1 teaspoon celery seed
1 tablespoon salt

Shred cabbage into a large bowl. De-seed/core green pepper and peel onion, then
THINLY slice in strips on top of cabbage in bowl.  Sprinkle sugar over top of
ingredients in bowl.  DO NOT STIR!!!

In a small pot, mix and bring to a boil the oil, vinegar and dry ingredients.  Remove
from heat and while still hot pour over ingredients in bowl, Again, DO NOT STIR!!!

Cover and place in fridge for at least 12 hours, THEN stir!!!  Either serve then or like
us, let it sit back in the fridge another few hours.  It just gets better with time.

NOTE:  To make this slaw different, we sometimes use a small head of red cabbage
and a medium head regular, and/or use two medium onions (red and white) and/or even
use orange, red, yellow and brown peppers.  This is all for looks and a variance in taste,
but it IS impressive if you take it to a pot luck.  Try it first with the original recipe before
you go crazy!!! : )

photo by alvimann

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  1. jan says

    hi eric-
    i saw your video about using black fabric mulch to warm your soil so you could plant tomatoes early. i recycle the used black nursery containers (pots) for planting cherry tomatoes that produce a ton of little tomatoes for summer salads. i put the cage inside the container.i can keep it right next to my house in a sunny place and not have to walk to the garden.i disinfect the pots with a bleach solution.i like the those containers because the water doesn’t wick away like it does in a clay pot,so it saves on water. the trick is getting the right soil.i can also sink a container half way into the soil if it’s in a spot that might heat up too much or if i plant later in the season.

  2. Julia says

    This is similar to my favorite technique for making cole slaw, but I think it’s missing a key step. I also sprinkle sugar on the shredded cabbage, but I keep the cabbage in a colander over the sink for this step. I sprinkle in sugar and a little salt, and I do stir it, letting the water get drawn out of the cabbage. After the cabbage is done dripping, I dress it with vinegar and oil. This way you don’t get a lot of watery stuff at the bottom of your bowl of slaw.


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