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Want a weed free garden? Learn how to prevent weeds in your vegetable garden as we tour our neighbor’s vegetable garden where they use a weed barrier fabric and get great results.

I’ve used some inexpensive weed fabrics, and I’ve found they fall apart. I don’t know the brand name of this particular weed barrier fabric, but a web search will yield who sells weed barrier fabric.

Have you used weed barrier fabric or do you have another weed free garden tip? Let us know below and thanks for watching!

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  1. Irene S says

    I used black contractor bags this year… the worked great
    I can’t stand weed screen and newspaper never seems to work

  2. Randy Huyck says

    Your neighbor’s garden looked amazing, but I’m confused at how they can really rotate crops very well…Did they cut the holes at a consistent spacing throughout and just plant the crops to conform in later years when they lay it out or will they flop it over so the tomatoes that were on the south are now on the north, etc? I can see how it would really work well with large plants like tomatoes and squash, but what about bedding/row crops like spinach, carrots, onions? More info please!

  3. admin says

    good question. they will turn the fabric 180 to rotate the crops, and they do not use it for row crops, those are planted along the sides, where weeding has to happen. thx eric.

  4. Randy Huyck says

    Thanks, Eric, for the info and the pm. Tell your neighbors I am especially impressed by cutting the plant holes with a torch. I am always looking for excuses to use high powered flame in my household chores!

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