What is a colonoscopy? : GF Radio

What is a colonoscopy? how does a colonoscopy work? What’s it like and why you should have one today on GardenFork Radio. Rick, Mike, and Eric talk about their colonoscopy experiences and how its not that big of a deal.

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  1. Dave says


    I was (almost) worried Rick/Mike/ and Eric had taken DYI into uncharted territory until I listened!

    Rick would have enjoyed my angioplasty videos that I watched while they worked. I’m still trying to get watch my quad by pass but no dice so far – something about liability. Makes me wonder.


  2. jan says

    most dr.’s also offer propofol .you will wake up faster without the memory problems which some people have a bad problem with.
    versed works great for most people.

  3. steven says

    colonoscopy??? Its a fishing expedition by money grubbing docs. eat you fiber drink good water and when the creator wants you to come home he’ll call ya . it is not with out risk, the small number of folks that have a problem a high percentage of them die!!!
    si I had a tatto on my posterior , NO FISHIN LOL

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