Wild and Urban Foraging for Lambsquarters : GF Video

Today we forage for wild edible food in our own yard, forgaing for Lambsquarters, also called Pitseed Goosefit or Pigweed by some. Lambsquarters is all over our cities and yards, so whether you are doing urban foraging or wild foraging, you can learn in this GardenFork.TV show about Lambsquarters.

Do you forage for wild plants? What edible plants have you eaten or found? Let us know below:

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  1. says

    Thanks Eric! As soon as I watched your video, I went to the garden and tasted a few leaves – delicious! It will be part of this evening’s salad – and I’ll try steaming or sauteing it soon. Plus – I’ll never look at it – or pull it and discard it – in quite the same way again!

  2. Nancy E Wade says

    Thanks for the video Eric – Lambs Quarters are great! I use them in a nice pasta dish:

    Saute Lambs Quarters lightly in olive oil – they do not hold up real well so lightly is the key.
    Add Feta cheese, tomato, pasta and toss with a little more olive oil and voila Dinner!

    I have also made it into Quiche – used it in lieu of Spinach.

  3. says

    my father-in-law loves to share the tell of how they would gather Lambs Quarters from along the railroad tracks during the Depression to use for meals, and they never got scurvy so it must be full of vitamin C too.
    I would highly suggest ssoaking your greens in a heavy-saline solution (1T salt in 1 gallon water) to kill the bugs … let them sit for 15 – 20 minutes and rinse them off so remove the ‘carcasses’ …
    when picking any wild plant for consumption – the old military adage is best to remember:
    Trust but VARIFY

  4. Amy says

    Love you guys, always a video about something I’ve pondered but wasn’t sure how to do. Just one very important, probing question…..

    When you lay down in bed at night, do you itch all over!!!!!

    Sorry, it just looks like you allow the bugs to eat you as happily as you eat weeds.

    Maybe a video about natural insect repellent or itch away.

    Love you both and the dogs. Please don’t stop making fabulous videos to educate those of us that society has dumbed down.

  5. Eric Gunnar Rochow says

    @amy, thanks! the bugs aren’t too bad, sometimes they fly in your mouth.

    and once i had a moth fly into my ear. fun times in the emergency room late at night…

    lambsquarter is starting to sprout in our yard and our vegetable beds, more free food from your yard.

    thx, eric.


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