Winter Sugar Feeding Beekeeping Video #2

Getting your honeybees through winter is a challenge. We feed our bees sugar in the form of a sugar cake, (sugar cake recipe below video) and show you in this video how to feed your bees sugar in the winter. Getting your bees through winter is a challenge, adding sugar to the top of the hive is insurance that the hive will have enough food to make it through winter.

Another benefit of sugarcakes on top of the hive is that they sugar absorbs moisture, reducing the chance of condensation forming on top of the hive and raining down on your bees, killing them.

We use these insulated inner covers in the winter, which help greatly in reducing condensation. So the combination of a winter cover and sugar cakes, I believe, really helps with moisture buildup in the hive.

Many books talk bout using fondant in winter, but I’ve found it is hard to make, and i’m not sure what the exact benefits it has over just plain sugarcakes, which are super simple to make with re-useable foil pans you buy at the store. We add a homemade essential oil mix to the cakes.

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Do you use sugar in your hives in winter? let us know below:

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    @nolan, thanks for that, i go to the NYC chapter meetings of Backwards Beekeepers and is a great source of info too. eric.

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