And I Pointed My Antenna to Milwaukee : GardenFork Radio

Why did Mike point his antenna to Milwaukee? You’ll have to listen to this week’s GardenFork Radio to find out. Tyler , CEO of Allison House, joins us. Then we talk about Facebook Privacy, pole beans and peas, sink toilets, insect attractant plants, canning and applesauce, apple butter, and Carbon Monoxide detectors.

Tyler’s blog is

an article on Facebook Privacy here

Marisa’s blog post about her blueberry butter recipe is here

You can watch a how to video and applesauce recipe, and learn how to can applesauce on GardenFork.TV

Caroma’s Sink Toilet, learn more on their site

antenna photo by wallyir

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  1. Eric J. says

    @Eric in reference to the corn and mayo.

    There is a little Mexican grocery store by me that has a Mexican style corn on the cob that you must try.
    Smear corn with Lime Mayo / Butter mix
    Sprinkle on some Chile Pequin
    Sprinkle on some Cotija (similar to Parmesan cheese)
    I prefer cutting the corn off the cob for this, I think its easier to get even coverage and less messy.

    Hope you enjoy!!!!

    Eric J.

    P.S. Hi Mike!

  2. GFR Mike says

    Before I knew who it wad from, I was reading this post and thinking, “This sounds a lot like something my friend Eric J. used to rave about.”


  3. Monica says

    Queaso Freshco instead of mayo. It’s like a creme fresh but Mexican. I’ve found it in mini yogurt containers at my grocery.

    I’m the Chicago land weather. The 7/24 flood was just over our head.

  4. says

    We use a mixture of equal parts light yogurt and light mayo with a squirt of lime juice and little chopped garlic with a 1/2 tsp of chili powder and a squirt of hot sauce then add some Parmesan cheese to the mix. Stir the mix up real good, I like cilantro in mine, but my wife don’t so sometimes I make two batches. I smear this on my corn and I haven’t missed butter since trying it, plus it seems to be less saturated fat that butter and stays on the corn better and not on my shirt. or at lease not as bad as butter.

  5. Bruce Berg says


    Enjoyed your football story! You are a very wise man.

    Going to try a slow cooker steel-cut oats recipe tonight. Very curious.

  6. says

    Doh! Nevermind. A quick search on drip irrigation pointed me to the Gardenfork TV episode where Eric mentions the sprinkler systems!

  7. Tim says

    I use a neat little java script to check/tweak my FaceBook privacy settings. I got it here –

    You just drag the button to your browser menu, navigate to the FaceBook and then click the button. It checks all your settings and let’s you know where you need to make adjustments.

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