Chainsaw Wont Start – Chain Saw Repair : GF Video

Chainsaw wont start? Wondering how to fix a chainsaw and the chainsaw to start? Watch our how to fix a chainsaw video and you will be on your way. Chainsaw repair is not hard, and if you’re ready to go out in the yard and cut down some trees, your chainsaw has probably been sitting in the shop all winter. Follow these simple chainsaw tune up steps, and you will have your chainsaw running in a few minutes.

We have to talk about chainsaw safety here as well. Chainsaws are the most dangerous tool a homeowner can own without a license. I have a few friends with scars from using chainsaws improperly. Chainsaw chaps, a helmet, face shield, eye protection, steel toed boots are all mush-haves for safety.

Sharp chainsaw chains is key in cutting up trees and cutting firewood, you can sharpen your own chainsaw chains, but I suggest you have them done at your local small engine repair shop, they have the right equipment to set the correct cutting angle, a hand file can’t do that.

There’s more tree felling in my future, we have a few white pines on our property that need to come down, lest they come down on our house or garage, one of them is already splitting down the trunk, so we need to deal with that one soon.

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  1. Eri Carney says

    I just found your vids they are great . I have gotten so trided of all the garbage thats on TV its so refreshing to find a site like yours . Iam 66 and my wifw is 69 ( with Alzhimers . She so likes watching the vids of the dogs . We have a Lab that she loves .I like the DIY vids . I repair antique cannons to make a few bucks
    Please keep up the great work

    Eric Carney

  2. Thomas Dowson says

    I am looking for a chainsaw repair shop near Schertz, Texas. I have an 18′ Craftsman that I have not used in 3 years


  3. A Sam Castillo says


    Poulan Model P4018WT will not start, spark
    plug is new and firing, after prime and attempt start gas fumes are present, tried with air filter Off & ON,fuel filter appears
    good. No start.

  4. Eric Gunnar Rochow says

    i bet the carb is gummed up, and there is a fuel line that may have failed. thanks! eric.

  5. nihat says

    I have a dolmate chainsaw it won’t start. I have changed plug. I will be great full if you help

    Many thanks


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