Honeybees landing loaded with pollen photo

We requeened this honeybee hive last month, and the bees are almost a pure yellow-gold color, its wild. This queen is a hybrid Italian honeybee queen that we bought from Warm Colors Apiary.

Right now the Goldenrod is blooming, and there is still clover in the fields, plus around here we have late season woodland asters. The honeybees landing on this hive have a bright orange red pollen on their legs.

Honeybees landing with pollen on their legs

Honeybees landing with pollen on their legs

honeybees landing

you can see here the difference between the older bees from the previous queen and the younger bees from the new queen. The older bees have prominent black bands on their backs


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  1. Guy Ross says

    That’s a bee I want next spring. Russells apairies has a golden queen. Sunkist cordovan. Check out his stock. I got two $30 insects form him and two Nucs. There by far our best brood producers.

  2. admin says

    swarm traps are put away for the year. i have them out April – July. want to keep the moths out of them. eric.

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